Our experts help you to leverage your business with Marketing Automation tools by following Best Practices and also adhere the best practices models from various Markteing Research organizations like Gartner, Marketing Sherpa, Sirius Decisions etc., development for customer journey  that feel their branding strategy is "coasting" at best. The Marketing Automation Momentum provides custom Web / Interactive, Marketing,   Design and Development of  Strategic Planning to clients in high-tech B2B, and B2C organizations.
Marketing Automation
Consulting Services
Marketing Automation Best Practices, Implementation, Campaign Strategy, Lead Management Strategy, Segmentation Strategy, Content Strategy, CRM Integration with MA tools.

Build complex campaigns, Campaign Management, Nurture Flow , Lead Scoring, Forms, Cloud apps Integration.

Assets Management & Design
Forms Management(Normal, Gated), Responsive Landing Pages, Responsive Email templates, Content Creation/Update, Progressive Profiling, Web page tweaking. We develop Litmus complaint HTML email templates for your business.

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Data Management & Design
Database Health check, Data Cleansing, Data Augmentation, Deduplication, Data upload, Data Appending, Data Normalization.

Lead Management
Lead Nurture , Lead Scoring, Nurturing of leads at different funnel stages, determination of MAL,MQL,SQL and SALs.

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Net-Results Marketing Automation