Our Lead / Data Management Process
Right Content
Target your lead with appropriate engaging content during different funnel stages. Develop right content to educate prospects, call to actions, social media strategy .

Lead Scoring & Routing 
This helps your sales reps to focus on the HOT leads based on their scores,Route the qualified leads to Sales Queue to further qualify and Unqualified leads to Marketing Queue to be nurtured until they are ready to buy. Review your scoring criteria based on the sales movement and responses.

Marketing & Sales Alignment
Determine the stages of your Marketing & Sales cycle? Which stages of the Lead Status to be tracked? How to identify a visitor converted to a lead? So success metrics need to be defined, Capture mandatory information that need for your business as you move through the funnel stages.

Data Quality
Data accuracy is the first and foremost priority for any business. Inaccurate data may lead to lower conversion rates, more prospect attrition. Improve your quality of data using various methods and best practices. Clean your leads in regular intervals using data cleansing tools which may raise due to prospect position/title changes, job changes, incomplete form submissions, duplicate , spell mistakes etc.

Lead Analysis
We will help you to analyse your best and worst leads and the source (Lead Source) they come in. Where and Why they get stuck (Lead Status), How many are converted as Opportunities (Lead Conversion).

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Marketing Automation Services

Lead / Data Management Services
Lead Management is the tricky and crucial part of Marketing Services. Ensure and track on the correct leads through the channels they prefer for communication, role in buying process and type of behaviour traits need to be determined to pass the lead to sales team. Lead Management Conversions has the process of  Leads tie to Marketing campaigns,Closed business tie back to Leads, Generate more opportunities.